CADAC brings on the braai life!

At CADAC, we understand that the heart of South African culture beats to the rhythm of the braai.
It’s more than a culinary tradition – it’s a way of life, a celebration of togetherness, and
a testament to the diverse tapestry of our nation.

Fanning the Flames of Heritage

Fanning the Flames of Heritage

For decades, we’ve been alongside the passionate ‘braaimasters’ who transform open flames into culinary masterpieces. The sizzle of succulent meats, the fragrance of marinated delights, and the camaraderie around the fire – these are the moments that define our shared heritage.

Our journey is intertwined with South Africa’s, as we’ve evolved from a local icon to an international brand, carrying the essence of the braai culture with us. Our commitment to quality and innovation resonates with those who treasure the authenticity of braaiing.

We take pride in crafting cooking equipment that elevates the art of braaiing. From our versatile gas braais that offer the freedom to cook with precision, to our accessories that cater to the creativity of braai enthusiasts, every CADAC product is designed to amplify the joy of the braai life.

As you stoke the flames and share stories under the open sky, remember that CADAC is more than a brand – we’re a trusted partner in your culinary journey. Together, let’s keep the fires kindling, and the spirit of braai burning bright.

Join us in celebrating the heritage that makes South Africa unique, and become a part of the CADAC family, where the braai life isn’t just a tradition, it’s a passion that unites us all.

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Join us around the fire

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1-5 Year Guarantees

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75 Years of Innovation

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